About therapy

Many people feel unsure about what therapy is, and what it can offer. We will start with looking at what is troubling you now, what is frustrating you or areas of your life you are concerned about. Together we will try to make some sense and meaning from your experiences. The basic process is we sit together on a regular basis, and you say whatever is on your mind. From that chance to sit, to talk and to be heard, the relationship can grow, and I hope you will feel free to talk openly and to use the therapeutic space for your own growth and development.

Anyone of us may,  at times need someone there to hear us and see us, truly see us. To have someone sit with you week in, week out, to listen and to reflect can be one of the most healing gifts one human being can give to another. Having experienced that kind of  response, I feel I am now well equipped to be  able to offer this to others.

From the hearing comes the healing, and if you are willing to let yourself open up in my presence, then who knows what may be possible, what growth and regeneration may occur?

I hope you will reach out and we can share in a new relationship that we build together for the benefit of your own personal growth and development.

I have worked in mental health services for 18 years, first as a social worker, then more recently as a therapist. It never ceases to amaze and uplift me meeting with people who are willing to trust me and allow me to share in their own life journey, if only for a short time. I feel privileged to bear witness to people’s lives, the way they have managed, coped, grown and developed, and for me to be allowed into their inner world.  It takes extraordinary bravery to allow yourself to be seen by another.

What started me off on my own therapy journey was frequently feeling depressed, stressed, anxious, a sense of feeling isolated and like I was a misfit. I had my own reasons for this, rooted in childhood, and in various oppressions I have suffered.  I have had my own therapy throughout my life, and have benefited from it enormously.  I think anyone can benefit from a listening supportive relationship which is what psychotherapy offers.

Member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

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