My Fees

When you contact me, I will get back to you and we can arrange a brief telephone consultation, or an initial meeting.

My initial consultation fee for a fifty minute face to face meeting is £35.  I set this fee lower as I think it is important that we have the chance to meet and get a feel  for each other and think about if we could work together. We may decide after meeting that we would like a further initial consultation, again charged at £35.

Following on from this initial consultation, if you feel you would like to work with me, I charge £55 per 50 minute session. We can agree the regularity and length of treatment at the outset, although for therapy to be effective, I am of the opinion that a commitment of at least weekly sessions for a good length of time is optimal. I myself have seen various therapists for time periods ranging from a year to five years. Of course, everyone is different, and circumstances change over time. We can discuss this on an on-going basis. I do feel that therapy is most effective when a relationship of trust is allowed to build between the two people involved in the therapy relationship.

I may be able to negotiate a reduced rate depending on circumstances. Please discuss with me at the initial consultation

Please contact me if you would like to arrange an initial telephone or face to face consultation.

Member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy



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