Other Services

Individual Supervision

I offer supervision to individuals or groups. I charge £55 per 50 minute individual supervision session.

Group Supervision

Contact me to discuss your group needs and we can discuss practicalities such as fees.

If you have a group of people who would like to take part in facilitated supervision please contact me to discuss and we can make arrangements for a group of up to 5 people to participate in a  group session which I will facilitate.

I have experience of conducting groups in my professional life, I currently facilitate a number of case discussion groups for the probation service. I also run a complex case discussion group.

My previous experience includes co-facilitating groups for complex clients (those who might attract a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’) and have also participated in and led numerous case-discussion groups, reflective groups and case consultation groups.

Team Consultation

Team reflection groups are particularly helpful with complex cases or where the team is going through major changes. They can assist team members to feel more contained and able to manage the stress of their work and any distress that may arise as a result of their client work.

I can also offer debriefs to teams or individuals in extreme circumstances, for example the tragic cases of loss of a client (e.g. by suicide), or if a team member has suffered an injury or other extreme event in the line of their day to day work.

Please contact me to discuss your team or group needs and I would be happy to meet and discuss practicalities such as costs, regularity of sessions, place and time etc.

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