I keep records in line with my professional registration and ethical standards. These consist of a brief account of each session and are to assist me in providing the best service to you. I keep these in a locked filing box in a secure place.

I also attend regular consultation, known as supervision, with another professional therapist to help in in thinking about you and our work together. We are both bound by confidentiality.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner Office as required by the Data Protection Act.

My website web site operates within the terms of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

My web pages do not automatically collect any personal information about visitors to my site, or store such data in a database or elsewhere. Visitors are always anonymous unless they choose to provide information to me on a voluntary basis.

In sending an email, you are providing information voluntarily on the understanding that I will store it securely and treat it confidentially in compliance with appropriate regulations. Please be aware that no email communication is completely secure in terms of data protection. I save information of a sensitive nature relating to your care, then delete emails. Any other emails with non-sensitive information are deleted.

No personal data about visitors is ever passed to a third party. This web site itself does not track, monitor or save information submitted via online forms.

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